Biotin Shot (vitamin H)


Biotin Shot (vitamin H)


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Worried about your dull and dry skin? Have you been suffering from hair loss and split ends? Are your nails brittle and keep breaking?

Then you might be in need of our super shot called Biotin Shot!

Biotin or Vitamin H, belongs to the group of Vitamin B complexes and it works by breaking down the fats and proteins in your diet. Biotin nourishes your skin, strengthens your nails and hair, provides sparkly shine to them.

So, if you’re looking forward to giving a new life to your hair, nails and skin. CALL US NOW to book you Biotin shot!

Composition: Biotin or Vitamin H

Disclaimer: Antibiotics and Anti-seizure medications might lower the absorption of biotin.

Dose: Loading dose (1 shot per week for up to 12 weeks maximum). Maintenance dose (1 shot every fortnight and ongoing)

Route: Intramuscular

Time: 5 minutes

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