"Fountain Of Youth" The Anti-ageing drip


"Fountain Of Youth" The Anti-ageing drip

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Ageing is inevitable but its signs are necessarily not. In fact, you can turn back the clock when it comes to your glowing and younger looking skin! 

Want to know how? Very simple, regularly take our anti-aging infusions which are loaded with the goodness of Procainium Hydrogen carbonate. A compound known specially for its anti-ageing effects such as skin lightening and detoxifying the cells.

Our “Fountain of Youth” – Anti-ageing Drip is specially formulated by the professionals to fight off the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and loose skin.

 CALL US NOW to get a bright, plumper and younger-looking skin!

Composition:  Procanium hydrogen carbinate 0.2%

Dose: Loading Dose - 1 - 3 infusions per week for a maximum period of 12 weeks.

 Maintenance Dose - 1 - 2 infusions per month and ongoing.

Time: 20-25 minutes