“Vita C” Vitamin C Drip

“Vita C” Vitamin C Drip

Vita C; A way to healthier and glowing skin…

Vitamin C drip by ‘DripMe’ promises to solve most of your skin problems without any side
effects. This IV treatment has gained popularity over the past few years and became the part of
skincare routines of most of the celebrities as well. Even celebrities like Rihanna and Adele are
backing these booster shots.
Medical practitioners also favour this IV therapy as it boosts up your immune system and helps
your body to fight diseases. It makes your body healthier and gives your skin a healthy glow.
DripMe provides the best IV drips in Manchester. So, buy now for an instant glow.
Vita C by DripMecan work wonders on your skin and is one of the best anti-aging products on
the market. Vit C has been shown to reduce UV-induced erythema by 52% and sunburn by 40-
60%. [1] Vita C booster shots are the key to maintaining a smooth, glowing, and even-toned skin.
Although most of you people are takingvitamin C in your daily meals, there’s no way to be that
it’s going to work on your skin. DripMe can help you with that as it helps to put Vitamin C
directly into your veins and thus provide instant positive results on your skin. If you are in
Manchester, you are in luck because DripMe is easy to reach at 139 Mauldeth Rd, Manchester M14 6SR, United Kingdom or simply call us at +44 7912 887256.


Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin

Skin Hydration

One of the main derivatives of Vitamin C, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, decreases the
transepidermal loss of water thus allowing your skin to retain water. [2] In this way, vitamin C IV
therapy by DripMe can hydrate your skin, and make you look more fresh and healthy.

Skin Brightening

Vita C by DripMe brightens your skin by fading out the pigmentation, sunburns, aging spots, etc.
all these problems are linked with the overproduction of a hormone called melanin. Vitamin C
works by impeding melanin production in turn making your skin more even-toned and bright.
Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that can reduce the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions, thus
reducing the redness on the skin. [3]


Most of you might have experienced sunburn and you know how difficult it is to get rid of it.
Vitamin C reduces the damage caused by prolonged exposure to sun by replacing the damaged
cells with healthy cells. In this way, it helps to diminish the sunburn scars and redness from UV
exposure. A randomized study showed that Vitamin C had positive effects on 85% of the
subjects. [4]


Anti-aging Effect

Vitamin C is well known for rejuvenating skin and promoting collagen production. Collagen
keeps your skin tight and smooth. Vitamin C makes your skin look more youthful. In addition,
the boosted collagen production can also prevent skin sagging that is one of the most common
problems that is encountered by people with increasing age. Vitamin C also plumps and hydrates
the under-eye area. [5]
Anti-Cancer Effects
Apart from other benefits of Vitamin C, it has also shown to be complimentary in treatment of
cancer. Studies show that the cancer patients become deficient of vitamin C, and giving them this
vitamin by IV therapy can lead to positive effects in the battle of cancer. High dose intravenous
treatment with Vitamin C has been proved to enhance the anti-tumoral activity of the T-cells in
our body, and to improve the immune system thus fighting cancer cells effectively. [6]


Energy Boost

Vitamin C also boostsyour energy levels as it reduces the free radical damage in your body. It
improves your immune system and strengthens your natural defenses.


Why Vita C by DripMe?

DripMe provides the best IV drips in Manchester. So you can easily buy these booster shots to
enhance your skin. Now the question arises as to why we should use IV therapy instead of taking
Vitamin C orally or applying it directly on the skin. The thinking behind this IV therapy is that it
supplies Vitamin C directly to the blood which is way more effective as compared to the other
When you receive Vitamin C by an IV drip, the nutrients will directly enter your blood through
veins. This ensures 100% absorption. This is not the case if you receive it by food or serums.
Several physiological factors such as your metabolism, health, age, and genetics affect the way
your body processes the nutritional supplements that you take with your diet. DripMe ensures
that you get the higher levels of this vitamin directly into your bloodstream leading to a higher
cell uptake, and in turn healthy and youthful skin.
Vita C by DripMe is the best choice for you as it is safe for most skin types. These booster shots can also be used in conjunction with other skincare ingredients like retinol and SPF. Buy Vita C by DripMe to achieve glowing and radiant skin results. So, BUY NOW

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