The "Multi-Tonic" Drip

After an evening of drinking alcohol, you may find yourself waking up with various side effects.
These can range from a throbbing headache to nausea and extreme fatigue. This feeling with
which you all might be familiar is called a hangover.
According to health practitioners, a hangover usually occurs because of the toxic by-product
acetaldehyde produced during alcohol metabolism. How much time the hangover lasts usually
depends on the time taken for the body to get rid of this by-product.
While sleeping it off might seem a good cure, this may not be an option for people having busy
schedules. The Multi-tonic drip by DripMe is the easiest remedy for you. If you are in
Manchester you are in luck because DripMe offers this Multi-tonic Drip in Manchester and it’s
easy to reach at  139 Mauldeth Rd, Manchester M14 6SR, United Kingdom or simply call us at +44 7912 887256.


DripMe ‘Multi-Tonic’ drip is made up of vitamins and various electrolytes that will give you an
instant energy boost and make you feel less fatigued. The Multi-Tonic drip by DripMe is best to
cure for a hangover in Manchester.
This energy booster shot is composed of vitamins such as vitamin C i.e. ascorbic acid and
vitamin B complexes such as thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and
nicotinamide. The electrolytes constituents of Multi-tonic drip include glucose (as
monohydrate), sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride dihydrate, and sodium


Vitamin B complexes – Usually the consumption of alcohol can lead to increased diuresis that
results in the loss of various nutrients in your body. Vit B complexes such as thiamine B1,
riboflavin B2, nicotinamide B3, and pyridoxine B6 have antioxidant effects and are well-known
for enhancing brain functions. IV therapy by Multi-Tonic drip can effectively combat the
hangover effects by replenishing the vitamin B reserves of the body.
In a study, a supplement containing vitamins B-1 and B-6 was shown to help reduce hangover
symptoms. In 2012, subjects were given a vitamin supplement and were encouraged to take it
before and after drinking alcohol. Of the subjects who completed the study, 88% reported a
reduction in hangover symptoms. [1]
Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid is a superhero in the world of antioxidants. It is popular for its health
effects; it neutralizes the free radicals in your body and makes you feel fresher. [2] Some studies
have also shown to enhance liver function thus reversing the negative effects of alcohol on the
liver. [3]
Electrolytes – Alcohol is known to be dehydrating as it suppresses a hormone called vasopressin
which is important for maintaining the normal function of your kidney. As you urinate more
frequently, the water goes out of your body taking with it important electrolytes such as sodium,
potassium, and calcium. This leads to the contraction of the brain and a severe headache. Multi-
tonic drip by DripMe promises to restore most of the electrolytes that you lost after drinking
alcohol. Thus making you feel rehydrated and decrease your fatigue.

Studies show that 15% of the Brits recommend drinking water to recover from a hangover but
it’s not easy to guzzle water when you are already feeling nausea so the best way is to go for IV
therapy. The Multi-tonic IV drip by DripMe is the best way to beat those hangover headaches.
DripMe in Manchester is offering the easiest cure for your hangover and that too in a very
accessible way. Buy now!.

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